15 Great Vegan Places in Edinburgh

The (soy) Crème-de-la-Crème of Vegan Food in Edinburgh by Harriet Schulz   Finding vegan food in Great Britain? Holy cow, good luck with that. Yep, that was my first thought too when I set off on my trip to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh. But believe it or not, this beautiful and exciting city isn’t just a […]

City of Contrasts

Where to start? There is no dot, no ending, no fixed definition of Scotland’s capital. There should be ellipsis points creating association spaces to be able to recognize the city’s unique diversity. As a city of paradoxes, one won’t be surprised that Edinburgh was the birth place of Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The […]

Guide of Edinburgh

In Lothian on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, around a majestic castle, we find the capital of Scotland. A city that uniquely embodies the history and culture of its country. Auld Reekie (“Old Smokey”) is the nickname which was given to Edinburgh because of the constantly smouldering chimneys of the factories of […]

The beauty in the north

Edinburgh. The small capital on the periphery of Europe is much more than a gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Situated between the Forth of Firth and volcanic hills, it is embedded in an idyllic natural landscape. Climb King Arthur`s Seat to view the fantastic scenery of the surroundings. Discover buildings, streets and areas rich in […]

The People’s Story Museum

When walking through the streets of Edinburgh, you are surrounded by history. Whilst the city’s more popular attractions, such as Edinburgh Castle or The Palace of Holyroodhouse, disclose secrets of the rich and famous, The People’s Story Museum explores the lives of the ordinary people. Situated on the Royal Mile, it takes only a few […]

Get Lost!

When you look inside a typical travel guide for the city of Edinburgh, you will likely find an extensive, albeit run-of-the-mill, list of places to visit and advice for how to plan out your days. Some guides will offer day-by-day plans to help you get the most out of shorter visits, while others will give […]

Sweet, sweeter, the Scottish sweetest!

Sugar in its most delicious way – hard, smooth, crunchy or soft: There is so much traditional confectionery in Scotland, Beth gives a very good introduction to Scottish sweets. Her small colourful store is found on the Royal Mile. Its name, “Cranachan and Crowdie“, a Scottish dessert and cheese, gives you the first hint of […]

Edinburgh mini: Following Authorial Footsteps

Robert Louis Stevenson. Some of you have probably already heard of this famous Scottish writer, author of the well known novel “Treasure Island”. I had, and so I decided to visit the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh which is mostly dedicated to him and two other prominent authors, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. The Writers’ […]

Edinburgh mini: Back to Black

The highway to Edinburgh’s hell is called Cowgate and leads directly to Banshee Labyrinth. The Gothic and Metal Club promotes itself as the “most haunted” pub in town, guiding its customers into the gloomy vaults under South Bridge. The location reflects upon one of the darkest periods in local history, when the underground was home […]

Unveiling Secret Edinburgh

If Edinburgh were a Whisky it would be an old Glenfiddich. Its taste would be dry, its scent spicy, and its colour deep and dark. But its finish would be warm and lingering. This unique beverage would be served in an astonishingly modern and colourful glass and you would drink it in an old and […]


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