Edinburgh Guide

So, you decided to travel to Edinburgh? Congratulations, you made a good choice! No matter if you travel alone, as a couple or in a group, you’re going to enjoy some incredible and unforgettable experiences. This guide is for everyone who wants to spend time instead of money. We did our best to find the […]


It’s easy to fall in love with the city of Edinburgh. The city wins hearts within seconds with its distinctive, charming flair. When you’re planning your trip to Edinburgh, you might be overwhelmed by the multitude and variety of magnificent spots and attractions in and around the city. Because of this, we made it to […]

Beyond the Kilt

Hello and welcome to Edinburgh! In your hands you hold all the best this incomparable city has to offer. For almost a month, we, the reviewers, have worked tirelessly exploring museums, cafes, monuments, and so much more so you could experience Edinburgh to its full potential. Each location was visited personally, and every review is […]

Unlocking Edinburgh

What you are looking at right now is the key to unlocking Edinburgh. To provide you with some essentials that you might find useful when exploring the city, there is a survival guide at the beginning of this book. It offers you some helpful advice because some things are different here in Scotland and it […]

What’s Up Edinbro?

“Edinburgh is an experience. A City of enormous gifts, whose streets sing of history, whose cobbles tell tales.“ Alan Bold. Splendidly expressed Alan! This guy knew how to appreciate Scotland’s capital. And so will you with your Edinbro. This little know-it-all finds something that suits everybody’s interests. He has looked out for places worth seeing […]

Edinburgh Up Close

Edinburgh may not be a very big city like other European capitals, but that doesn’t mean it has less to offer. There are still an endless number of things to do and see. Of course, depending on the duration of your stay, you will only manage to experience so many things. But then, even for […]

Visit Scotland, Savour Scotland

When travelling to a new place, where and what to eat is an important part of the adventure. Most travelers dine out while on vacations and many look forward to trying new and culturally unique foods—on trips to new places, you’re not just eating simply to satisfy hunger, you’re eating for the experience of it—the […]

INBERLIN: Auguststrasse

Auguststraße is known as Ber­lin’s main gallery area. An area that encapsulates the thriving na­ture of the avant-garde, a hive of creativity that has turned into a magnet for all those looking for contemporary art and culture, be it gallery spaces or chic eateries. Auguststraße was a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood before World War II. When […]

Scot To Be Fun: Scottish Accent

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive in Scotland is that you might not understand a word the Scots say. Don’t worry; it’s not your proficiency in English but their accent! So what do you have to know to understand them, and what would you have to do to blend in and speak like […]


Once described by its mayor, Klaus Wowereit, as “poor but sexy”, Berlin is a city in a constant state of evolution. Following the end of over half a century of totalitarian rule in 1989, it has spent the last 24 years developing a character completely its own. A hub for artists and musicians, tech start-ups […]


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