What’s Barcelona

Barcelona is now Europe’s third top tourism destination, and once you’re in this beautiful city the reasons why become obvious. The city has both a rich culture and a beautiful beach: a perfect holiday destination. After exploring the small bohemian streets of the Gothic Quarter and the modernism architecture, you can relax on one of […]

Picture This

When our group first arrived in Barcelona, we thought we could conquer the city in three weeks. How naive. Whether you are wandering the knot of narrow streets in the Gothic Quarter or feeling breezy on your bicycle at Barceloneta beach, there is always another word-class bar, café or restaurant nearby to try (and fail) […]

The BCN Bible

In your hands (or on your screen in this case) is the culmination of weeks worth of blood, sweat and beers poured into creating this unique guide. We’ve steered away insipid reviews and given a truthful insight to the classic tourist spots and leaving behind the trendy nightclubs in favour of small shops and hidden […]

Barrios de Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona! Welcome to Barrios de Barcelona! Our guide is structured to allow you to explore the unique and contrasting barrios (neighbourhoods) of Barcelona while making sure you catch the highlights in each one. Every different barrio has something to offer and this is outlined through our guide, allowing for easy navigation of both […]

The student friendly guide to Barcelona

We are here to bring you a young person’s guide on how to enjoy Barcelona on a budget. We will still bring you all the top tourist attractions, as well as hidden gems and local hotspots but with tips on how to have an amazing time without breaking the bank. Whether you are a student […]

From Barcelona, with Love

Welcome to Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia. This cosmopolitan city has a magnetic, cultural charm that remains unbroken with time. As one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean, there are endless bars, cafes and restaurants where you can soak up your spare time. Although Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain, it […]

Pase Lo Bien En Madrid: Let’s Begin

Initially named ‘Mayrit’ (or Margerit) by Emir Mohammed of Cordoba in the year 854, Madrid was chosen by King Felipe II as the capital of Spain in 1561, which was previously Toledo. Although now a leading European city it began relatively small in scale; with only a few notable medieval churches, such as St Jerome […]

Madrid En Una Maleta

Written for and by young people visiting Madrid, this downloadable travel guide lists a wide range of recommendations for first- timers exploring the cultural wonders of the city. There are plenty of free and less famous places featured, for example an array of museums, traditional Spanish markets and green-spaces for those looking to escape the […]

The Madrid Way of Life

In Madrid food is essential. It is a way of life. Upon walking the streets of Madrid, you will come across many ‘Museos de Jamón’. These establishments are in fact not museums at all, but meat shops displaying the infamous Iberian ham, distinguishable by its black trotter or ‘pata negra’. These Iberian pigs are bred […]

spotted: Barcelona

¡Hola Amigos!: We are here to provide you with a budget version of Barcelona, without compromising on quality and fun! Whether you’re a student who has just left school, enjoying some time away from education, or simply a young person who fancies a city break, this guide is for you. Look out for our writers’ […]


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