Don’t Fart on Berlin’s Fashion Shows

Berlin is renowned for its captivating history and indigenous currywurst cuisine, however, it is time to recognise Berlin’s insight on fashion. During this trendy city’s fashion week, designers from all over Germany, nevertheless all over the world, join to unveil an assortment of styles that reflect the diversity of Berlin’s chic culture. Although the most […]

A Snapshot Guide To Berlin

Willkommen in Berlin! With a wealth of opportunity to see the fantastic sights in the day and party late into the night, no-one could get bored with this vibrant and everevolving city. Within these pages you can learn more about the history of Berlin, from its roots and turbulent times to the present day, while […]

Berlin Laid Bare

Willkommen in Berlin! This comprehensive guide should provide you with everything you need to enjoy the  German capital in all its glory and we’re not just talking about pointing you in the  direction of the typical tourist hot spots. Some, such as the Berlin Wall and Holocaust  Memorial, are of course must-sees, but it’s the […]

Is this real life?

Upon arrival the very question of “Is this real life?” may pop into your head. It may be after your first time seeing someone face down on a park bench with a Pilsner beer in hand, or perhaps it will be after you read a German menu for the first time and attempt to order […]

Once upon a time…The story-telling graveyard

Cold wind is blowing. The sun squints between the bald branches of the trees, seagulls are screeching and a dog is barking. A few stray visitors amble over the Greyfriars Kirk in Edin­burgh. It is considered to be one of the scariest places on earth, at least accor­ding to some American broadcasting stations. Believing in […]

Trendy Traditional

A lot of bagpipes: In Edinburgh the average tourist is overwhelmed by strange and new musical impressions. Whereas in Europe one listens to cultivated piano, in Edinburgh one listens to bagpipes. Whereas in Europe one enjoys serene guitar plucking, in Edinburgh there are bagpipes. For the slightly louder music taste there is saxophone, horn or […]


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