Pase Lo Bien En Madrid: Let’s Begin

Initially named ‘Mayrit’ (or Margerit) by Emir Mohammed of Cordoba in the year 854, Madrid was chosen by King Felipe II as the capital of Spain in 1561, which was previously Toledo. Although now a leading European city it began relatively small in scale; with only a few notable medieval churches, such as St Jerome […]

Madrid En Una Maleta

Written for and by young people visiting Madrid, this downloadable travel guide lists a wide range of recommendations for first- timers exploring the cultural wonders of the city. There are plenty of free and less famous places featured, for example an array of museums, traditional Spanish markets and green-spaces for those looking to escape the […]

The Madrid Way of Life

In Madrid food is essential. It is a way of life. Upon walking the streets of Madrid, you will come across many ‘Museos de Jamón’. These establishments are in fact not museums at all, but meat shops displaying the infamous Iberian ham, distinguishable by its black trotter or ‘pata negra’. These Iberian pigs are bred […]

Berlin for Carnivores

Traditional and unconventional at the same time, Currywurst (curried sausage) is the culinary motif of Berlin. As an introduction to this treasured national dish, visit the Deutsches Currywurst Museum, sited 100m from Checkpoint Charlie. The museum is a playful and interactive experience dedicated to the sausage, its friends, fans and stories it inspires. This is […]

INBERLIN: Auguststrasse

Auguststraße is known as Ber­lin’s main gallery area. An area that encapsulates the thriving na­ture of the avant-garde, a hive of creativity that has turned into a magnet for all those looking for contemporary art and culture, be it gallery spaces or chic eateries. Auguststraße was a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood before World War II. When […]


Once described by its mayor, Klaus Wowereit, as “poor but sexy”, Berlin is a city in a constant state of evolution. Following the end of over half a century of totalitarian rule in 1989, it has spent the last 24 years developing a character completely its own. A hub for artists and musicians, tech start-ups […]

Berlin there, done that…

This guide is aimed at you. Yes, you, the person reading this guide right now. You want to know about Berlin, the best museums and sights to see? The best places to get a bite to eat, and sample some of Germany’s fine beer? The places to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, and […]

Scot To Be Fun

Edinburgh is a city that guarantees fun for everyone. Whether you are an active person or someone who wants to savour the culture with all their senses, whether you want to discover Edinburgh’s heritage or enjoy a night out in one of the pubs, whether you are interested in sports or fashion, in this guide […]


Vitality, excitement and fascination are what you should expect from Berlin. This city offers the best of both worlds – it is full to the brim of historical sites and monuments, yet here also lies some of the quirkiest cafes, brilliant bars and placid lakes. Investigate and discover and you will be surprised at what […]


Multicultural, innovative and colourful are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when thinking of Berlin. Everything you see in this city hides a secret which is ready to be uncovered. While walking through the streets, if you look carefully, you will notice that most of the monuments, the parks, the roads […]


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