Bird’s-eye view of Berlin

A big, urban metropolis, yet cool, laid back and multicultural, Berlin has something to offer everyone with its mix of iconic sites, rich culture, amazing food, nightlife and outdoor fun. Of course, the city’s rich history cannot be ignored. Berlin has experienced more in the last century than most – it staged a revolution, was […]

Be Berlin

Welcome to Be Berlin, a travel guide created by first time Berliners. Here you’ll find what places are deemed by us, as well as seasoned locals as must-see’s during your stay. Everyone can find something to love in Berlin. From history buffs to foodies, night owls to nature lovers, the city has much to offer. […]

Ich bin Berlin !

When travelling one can often feel more at home in a certain atmosphere provided by a specific place: the party animal in Zante; the fashionista in Paris; the shopaholic in New York…as a traveller in Berlin, you will discover that there is always a way to find a home away from home. Whether it is […]

City of Contrasts

Where to start? There is no dot, no ending, no fixed definition of Scotland’s capital. There should be ellipsis points creating association spaces to be able to recognize the city’s unique diversity. As a city of paradoxes, one won’t be surprised that Edinburgh was the birth place of Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The […]

A myriad of worlds: The Berlin museums

Berlin boasts a mind-blowing plethora of no less than 176 museums, establishing the city’s incontestable status as historical and cultural hotspot of modern day Germany. Whether you plan to explore ancient archaeological arts, broaden your knowledge on German Expressionism, or intensify your dedication for American punk rock bands, Berlin offers an adequate museum for almost […]

Fish and chips, Haggis and Pies in Edinburgh

Fish and chips: Fish and chips is a popular take-away food in Scotland therefore you definitely have to try it once. It consists of deep-fried fish (traditionally cod, haddock or flounder) in batter or bread crumbs with deep-fried chipped potatoes. Scottish dessert: It seems that Scottish people have a sweet tooth because there are a […]


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CTR Berlin

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