15 Great Vegan Places in Edinburgh

The (soy) Crème-de-la-Crème of Vegan Food in Edinburgh by Harriet Schulz   Finding vegan food in Great Britain? Holy cow, good luck with that. Yep, that was my first thought too when I set off on my trip to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh. But believe it or not, this beautiful and exciting city isn’t just a […]

Berlin It Up: Fotoautomaten

Some say that you are not a real Berliner Hipster until you have taken a picture in one of the Fotoautomaten (photo machines) of the city. Others think that being a real hipster entails much more. Be that as it may, stopping in a photo booth to have a black and white picture taken is […]

Lost Berlin: Vinyl Finds

Rhythmic house and techno beats reverberate out from record stores all over this city, renowned for its colourful music scene. In times when digital music is supposedly taking over, Berlin has vinyl stores springing up like plain-clothed ticket inspectors. Techno and house are the main specialities, but you need not travel far to find records […]

Fine Art in Berlin

The Museum Für Gegenwart (Museum for the Present) is contemporary art in its finest form. Once a terminal station of the Berlin rail network the grand neoclassical style building now houses an impressive collection of art, photography, film and elaborate installations. The permanent collection boasts works by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol; […]

Sweet, sweeter, the Scottish sweetest!

Sugar in its most delicious way – hard, smooth, crunchy or soft: There is so much traditional confectionery in Scotland, Beth gives a very good introduction to Scottish sweets. Her small colourful store is found on the Royal Mile. Its name, “Cranachan and Crowdie“, a Scottish dessert and cheese, gives you the first hint of […]

Edinburgh mini: Following Authorial Footsteps

Robert Louis Stevenson. Some of you have probably already heard of this famous Scottish writer, author of the well known novel “Treasure Island”. I had, and so I decided to visit the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh which is mostly dedicated to him and two other prominent authors, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. The Writers’ […]

Edinburgh mini: Back to Black

The highway to Edinburgh’s hell is called Cowgate and leads directly to Banshee Labyrinth. The Gothic and Metal Club promotes itself as the “most haunted” pub in town, guiding its customers into the gloomy vaults under South Bridge. The location reflects upon one of the darkest periods in local history, when the underground was home […]

Unveiling Secret Edinburgh

If Edinburgh were a Whisky it would be an old Glenfiddich. Its taste would be dry, its scent spicy, and its colour deep and dark. But its finish would be warm and lingering. This unique beverage would be served in an astonishingly modern and colourful glass and you would drink it in an old and […]

Berlinside scoop

From bomb shelters to beach bars, Berlin has it all. It may not be your typical capital city but Berlin has so much character and an endless amount of things to do. For art enthusiasts, there is some of the most interesting graffiti and street art in the world, as well as a vast number […]


Life. Berlin is overflowing with it. Everywhere you turn, the air crackles with an endless supply of energy. From midnight dancing to intimate gigs, hidden shops and side-street bars, exquisite palaces and intricate graffiti, themed cafés and wide expanses of museums—there is always something happening, something to see, somewhere to go. Day and night, this […]


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