My Berlin

Doubtless, tales of this ever-adapting, exuberant city that is Germany’s capital have already reached you. Dating back to the 13th century, Berlin is now one of the most populous urban areas in Europe, and there is little question why: with a relatively low cost of living for an urban area; a regular, reliable transport system […]

Edinburgh Up Close

Welcome to Edinburgh! A silhouette of pointed gothic buildings, smoky dark facades and a confusing labyrinth of narrow alleys: This is Edinburgh from the distance. Come closer and explore the colourful faces of a town that will cast a spell over and quicker than you can say “deep fried mard bar”. Before you start planning […]

Off the Beaten Straße

Steeped in fascinating and tumultuous history, Berlin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that offers limitless surprises for travellers who look hard enough. With everything from fancy boutiques in Prenzlauer Berg to hardcore techno clubs in Kreuzberg, this city is surely able to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be. Furthermore, Berlin remains an affordable destination […]

No Wall Left

Wilkommen in Berlin, Germany’s cool, creative and just a little crazy capital. Described as ‘the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine’ Berlin is home to a treasure trove of world-famous nightlife, countless museums and, as you’ll soon discover, an overwhelming amount of currywurst. The mention of Berlin will, for most, conjure up images of […]

Be In Berlin

Berlin is a city with buzz. A day here will see you experiencing ultra-contemporary creative cafés, vibrant flea markets, and world-renowned museums. Along the way you’ll meet Berlin’s culturally diverse population – a truly memorable mix of people. Street vendors in Turkish markets; independent café owners keen to share an anecdote or two; playful street […]

What’s Barcelona

Barcelona is now Europe’s third top tourism destination, and once you’re in this beautiful city the reasons why become obvious. The city has both a rich culture and a beautiful beach: a perfect holiday destination. After exploring the small bohemian streets of the Gothic Quarter and the modernism architecture, you can relax on one of […]

Picture This

When our group first arrived in Barcelona, we thought we could conquer the city in three weeks. How naive. Whether you are wandering the knot of narrow streets in the Gothic Quarter or feeling breezy on your bicycle at Barceloneta beach, there is always another word-class bar, café or restaurant nearby to try (and fail) […]

The Berlin Bear Necessities

Made up of multiple boroughs, Berlin is a city of many characters and faces. Not as compact as London or New York, Berlin is a place where you can travel 20 minutes and feel as if you are in a completely different city. Every borough combines to make Berlin a cosmopolitan, diverse and vibrant city. […]

Berlin Sights

This exciting diverse city is packed full of cool places to go and can’t-miss historical sites. In this guide we’ll give you  the best advice and practical information on how to get the most out of your time in Germany’s capital. It can sometimes seem daunting arriving in a huge place like Berlin (and it […]

The BCN Bible

In your hands (or on your screen in this case) is the culmination of weeks worth of blood, sweat and beers poured into creating this unique guide. We’ve steered away insipid reviews and given a truthful insight to the classic tourist spots and leaving behind the trendy nightclubs in favour of small shops and hidden […]


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