Fine Art in Berlin

The Museum Für Gegenwart (Museum for the Present) is contemporary art in its finest form. Once a terminal station of the Berlin rail network the grand neoclassical style building now houses an impressive collection of art, photography, film and elaborate installations. The permanent collection boasts works by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol; […]

Get a Thrill in Edinburgh

The sun goes down while the cold creeps around your neck. The wind blows strongly and a woman is screaming so loud that her voice puts your teeth on edge. Be glad that you are not alone, because now it is time for a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh. The conditions couldn’t be better, could they? […]

de Madrid al cielo

Experiencing Madrid means experiencing the very essence of Spanish culture combined with international flair. Located in the heart of Spain, the capital city unifies the best of Spain’s cultural backgrounds. The people, food, architecture, music and sports are diverse and numerous here. It is impossible to get bored in this multifaceted city. The lifestyle is […]

Get Edinburghized

If Edinburgh were a person, it wouldn‘t be the sort you would want to be friends with straightaway. It would stand in the corner of a pub, frowning, taking big sips of a pint and it most probably wouldn‘t ever stop moaning about the weather. So if this isn‘t the kind of person you want […]

Don’t Fart on Berlin’s Fashion Shows

Berlin is renowned for its captivating history and indigenous currywurst cuisine, however, it is time to recognise Berlin’s insight on fashion. During this trendy city’s fashion week, designers from all over Germany, nevertheless all over the world, join to unveil an assortment of styles that reflect the diversity of Berlin’s chic culture. Although the most […]

Bagpipes on the Rocks

As if kneeling down for prayer hundreds of people focus on the stage in anticipation of what is going to happen next. Suddenly the hall is filled with a loud blue light. A calm bagpipe sound echoes through the entire house, making people’s skin crawl. All at once the crowd jumps to their feet and […]

Praktikum Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh 2012

Tolle Nachricht für junge Leute mit reisejournalistischem Interesse und für Fans der schottischen Hauptstadt Edinburgh: das Projekt Reisejournalismus in Edinburgh findet auch im März und September 2012 in der schottischen Metropole statt. Das Projekt ist für Studenten und junge Berufstätige mit starkem reise-journalistischem Interesse gedacht und gibt diesen die Möglichkeit, während eines drei- bis vierwöchigen […]

German the most spoken Language in Scotland among the Tourists

There is hardly any place where you can’t hear them from a distance: The Bagpipers in Edinburgh surrounded by a cluster of tourists. Most of them are Germans. About 300,000 tourists from Germany visit Scotland throughout the year. German is the second biggest group after the Americans and therefore the most spoken foreign language among […]

Edinburgh Explorer

Having spent three weeks in Edinburgh in November I have learned how useful a transparent umbrella can be.  Shielding myself from heavy rain and stormy blasts with my non-transparent one, I hit two street lamps and one bollard. So maybe get one, solid as well if possible. Gumboots can also be a helpful item to […]


“Because I can’t do anything else”, is the simple answer to the question why Mark Tough, 48, became an artist. He is hanging around outside the Framed Gallery, where he currently holds an exhibition. While enjoying the sun he talks about his art, what inspires him and his hometown Edinburgh. “Designing and creating things is […]


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