Edinburgh Guide

So, you decided to travel to Edinburgh? Congratulations, you made a good choice! No matter if you travel alone, as a couple or in a group, you’re going to enjoy some incredible and unforgettable experiences. This guide is for everyone who wants to spend time instead of money. We did our best to find the […]


It’s easy to fall in love with the city of Edinburgh. The city wins hearts within seconds with its distinctive, charming flair. When you’re planning your trip to Edinburgh, you might be overwhelmed by the multitude and variety of magnificent spots and attractions in and around the city. Because of this, we made it to […]

CTR Summer 2020

Taking part in a study/work gap placement is one of the best experiences you can have for your professional and personal development. Experiencing a foreign culture, and having to get organised in a foreign place, are very good ways to broaden your horizons. When applying for a job, some excellent diverse experience abroad can put you a cut above the rest. Having […]

Beyond the Kilt

Hello and welcome to Edinburgh! In your hands you hold all the best this incomparable city has to offer. For almost a month, we, the reviewers, have worked tirelessly exploring museums, cafes, monuments, and so much more so you could experience Edinburgh to its full potential. Each location was visited personally, and every review is […]

Unlocking Edinburgh

What you are looking at right now is the key to unlocking Edinburgh. To provide you with some essentials that you might find useful when exploring the city, there is a survival guide at the beginning of this book. It offers you some helpful advice because some things are different here in Scotland and it […]

Love it on a Budget

Welcome to Budget Berlin, a short and easy-to-read guide on one of the best, busiest and brightest capital cities in Europe. This book will help you save money when visiting the tourist staples and economise in the alternative areas of this quirky city. Budget Berlin is a young, hip guide to the city, written by […]

The bear necessities of Berlin

Here at City Travel Review, we wanted to create a travel guide that reflects the quirky culture of Berlin, avoiding any exclusivity and pretensions that can be often associated with this beautiful city. So, with this in mind, we extend to you the furry paw of Berlin’s official mascot – the bear. In 2001, Klaus […]

Becoming a Berliner

It’s been one heck of a whirlwind. We’ve experienced the city’s hedonistic nightspots, seen the historic sights and explored its plentiful green spaces. Unlike many tourists passing through, however, we’ve also had time to fully process and embrace its idiosyncratic atmosphere – and to chisel our thoughts about what makes it so great. This blog […]

Patchwork Berlin

The fabric of Berlin is woven from threads of the past and the present. A city with a volatile search history, Berlin is a cultural nexus of politically charged street art, multicultural neighborhoods and the shadow of past regimes. “Here in Berlin, one can not help being aware did you are the hub around Which […]

Alternative Berlin

Wilkommen! Berlin is a city resplendent with history, art and culture while retaining the feel of a much newer place – it was only recently unified in 1989.This ever-evolving metropolis has something to offer everyone and with so much to see and do this guide hopes to help you find your own favourite corners of […]


CTR Berlin

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CTR Berlin

CTR Edinburgh


CTR Berlin

CTR Edinburgh

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