First of all, what is Scots? A good question indeed. Nowadays, some people might think it is lazy and careless English. Others may say it is familiar or slangy English. This is not true. In fact, the Scots language does not come from what we now call English at all. You do not believe it?! […]

The Really Terrible Orchestra of Edinburgh

When really bad turns out to be really good – and successful. The Really Terrible Orchestra of Edinburgh is the last refuge for hopeless musicians. With some last shrieks and awkward noises the pie­ce which is supposed to be Scott Joplin’s “The En­tertainer” fades out. Were the American composer around tonight, he probably wouldn’t be […]

John Law – Forgotten Son of Edinburgh

Economist John Law became the richest man in the world – but died a pauper. Edinburgh usually celebrates its most eminent sons and daughters. Economist Adam Smith, for example, has a statue erected in his honour on Royal Mile and his face on the Scottish 20 pound note. For some reason they seem to have […]

The birthplace of Harry Potter

Regardless of any age, you surely have heard of J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter“. If you go down Southbridge it is hard to miss the red building to your left, called: “The Elephant House“, which is the place where Rowling got inspired to write her stories about young Wizards attending school in an […]

From Edinburgh Castle to Greyfriar Bobby´s Grave

As you are already next to the Church it is worth paying attention to it and to go in for a few minutes and – hopefully on a sunny day – to watch the reflections of the imressive stained glass windows.However, the most important information about the Royal Mile is that it connects the Edinburgh […]

Edinburgh: Tales from Beyond

On the second of September 1784, Maggie Dickson was publicly executed in the Grassmarket. 40 years later, she died a happy woman, with a loving husband and children surrounding her. How can this be possible? ‘Half-Hanged Maggie,’ as she is affectionately called in Edinburgh, suffered many hardships in her early years, among them, a public […]

The Scottish Parliament

The first quality I have in mind when I think of Scottish people is their strongly expressed pride in being Scottish. But what does that mean for them – being Scottish? Maybe, besides the richness of tradition and culture, it is related to the fact that the last 100 years have turned Scottish society topsy-turvy. […]

Edinburgh Reiserouten

Edinburgh is the most desirable city to live in the UK. At least, according to a 2009 YouGov poll. Edinburgh came out top for its atmosphere and positive reputation. We, the authors of this guide, can approve these results. “Auld Reekie” is indeed a wonderful place to visit. There’s the Castle, the Scott Monument, Arthur’s […]


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