Lost Berlin

Berlin is many things: the world capital of creativity, the city of hipsters, a paradigm of bike-friendly transportation. But, above all, it is a historic city that has undergone deep identity shifts and still brims with vibrancy. Visiting Berlin will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. There are many reasons to love the German capital: [...]

Berlin Calling

When faced with such a huge array of incredible museums, cracking cuisine, the best night clubs on earth and a history richer than a Black Forest gâteau, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, this compilation should go some way to helping you decide how best to tackle this amazing city; offering [...]

The student friendly guide to Barcelona

We are here to bring you a young person’s guide on how to enjoy Barcelona on a budget. We will still bring you all the top tourist attractions, as well as hidden gems and local hotspots but with tips on how to have an amazing time without breaking the bank. Whether you are a student [...]

From Barcelona, with Love

Welcome to Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia. This cosmopolitan city has a magnetic, cultural charm that remains unbroken with time. As one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean, there are endless bars, cafes and restaurants where you can soak up your spare time. Although Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain, it [...]

Pase Lo Bien En Madrid: Let’s Begin

Initially named ‘Mayrit’ (or Margerit) by Emir Mohammed of Cordoba in the year 854, Madrid was chosen by King Felipe II as the capital of Spain in 1561, which was previously Toledo. Although now a leading European city it began relatively small in scale; with only a few notable medieval churches, such as St Jerome [...]

And Then There Was Lyon

Stepping into Lyon is all about engrossing yourself in its story. A narrative rich in character and tradition, which runs through the veins of the Lyonnais. Saturated in history, the beauty of this tale must be unravelled. The chronicle can be read west to east from the top of Fourvière hill: a physical embodiment of [...]

Madrid En Una Maleta

Written for and by young people visiting Madrid, this downloadable travel guide lists a wide range of recommendations for first- timers exploring the cultural wonders of the city. There are plenty of free and less famous places featured, for example an array of museums, traditional Spanish markets and green-spaces for those looking to escape the [...]

When in Berlin

From oppressed and divided, to diverse and creative, Berlin is now a place where everybody wants to be. It’s a better place because of what it’s been through and overcome. This is displayed by the stretch of the Wall that is now the East Side Gallery. Pieces of the past and old industrial lots are [...]

Das ist Berlin

This is the essential guidebook for young travellers waiting to start their adventure in Berlin. This concise but thorough guide has been created by a group of young writers who living in Berlin, have experienced first-hand what this diverse city has to offer. Living on a tight budget is made easy here, whether this is [...]

Into Berlin: Willkommen!

Welcome to Berlin, the shapeshifting capital, a metropolis of energy, creativity and opportunity. This guide will be your Rosetta stone; we will help you unlock this exhilarating city, with our insider’s round up of all first-timer mustsees and dos. Inside is all you need to know about Berlin’s past, present, neighbourhoods, transport, language and all [...]


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