Guide of Edinburgh

In Lothian on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, around a majestic castle, we find the capital of Scotland. A city that uniquely embodies the history and culture of its country. Auld Reekie (“Old Smokey”) is the nickname which was given to Edinburgh because of the constantly smouldering chimneys of the factories of […]

The beauty in the north

Edinburgh. The small capital on the periphery of Europe is much more than a gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Situated between the Forth of Firth and volcanic hills, it is embedded in an idyllic natural landscape. Climb King Arthur`s Seat to view the fantastic scenery of the surroundings. Discover buildings, streets and areas rich in […]

Berlin It Up: Fotoautomaten

Some say that you are not a real Berliner Hipster until you have taken a picture in one of the Fotoautomaten (photo machines) of the city. Others think that being a real hipster entails much more. Be that as it may, stopping in a photo booth to have a black and white picture taken is […]

Lost Berlin: Vinyl Finds

Rhythmic house and techno beats reverberate out from record stores all over this city, renowned for its colourful music scene. In times when digital music is supposedly taking over, Berlin has vinyl stores springing up like plain-clothed ticket inspectors. Techno and house are the main specialities, but you need not travel far to find records […]

360° of Edinburgh

So you’ve decided to visit to Edinburgh? You’ve made a wise choice! Known as the world-famous site of both the International Festival and the Festival Fringe, thousands flock here each year just to glimpse the swarms of productions and events that fill up its streets and venues. Many will also recognise it for Hogmanay and […]

The Different Faces of Edinburgh

Scotland: the land of kilts, bag pipes, green grass and whisky. Edinburgh is the capital of this green land, where all these elements gather together to make up the beloved “Athens of the North”. But what lies behind the stereotypes, the kilts which hang haphazardly out of shops, or the bekilted bag pipe performers in […]

Start Berlin

Welcome to Berlin! Berlin is such a huge, diverse city that has so much to see and do you might not know where to start – that’s where we come in. Whether you’re a foodie, a scatting jazz lover, history buff, art aficionado or just looking for something weird and wonderful, this eclectic city will […]

Berlin It Up!

Remarkable and unmistakable, with its eclectic mix of past and present, Berlin does not disappoint. One of the most dynamic and historically fascinating cities in the world, there is something for everyone here. Berlin is divided in boroughs, which all bring their own personality and fascination. The busy central hub of the Mitte borough is […]

Lost Berlin

Berlin is many things: the world capital of creativity, the city of hipsters, a paradigm of bike-friendly transportation. But, above all, it is a historic city that has undergone deep identity shifts and still brims with vibrancy. Visiting Berlin will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. There are many reasons to love the German capital: […]

Berlin Calling

When faced with such a huge array of incredible museums, cracking cuisine, the best night clubs on earth and a history richer than a Black Forest gâteau, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, this compilation should go some way to helping you decide how best to tackle this amazing city; offering […]


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