Fundusverkauf: Welcome to the Carni­val

Outside, a huge gold swan straight from the fairground peers down from the second floor window; a mannequin sits slumped in a gold throne with a pink crown on his head and a mummy sits on a bench. Confused? Inspired? Curious? …Isn’t that the idea of Fundus­verkauf? Specialising in costumes and props used in films […]

Outside, a huge gold swan straight from the fairground peers down from the second floor window; a mannequin sits slumped in a gold throne with a pink crown on his head and a mummy sits on a bench. Confused? Inspired? Curious? …Isn’t that the idea of Fundus­verkauf? Specialising in costumes and props used in films such as Toy Story 3, Freedom and The Two Lucky Threes and opera and theatre performances– many gained from the nearby Komis­che Opera–Fundusverkauf is the ideal place for film buffs and theatre enthusiasts alike.

For those just wanting to visit a place to set their crea­tive juices flowing, this quirky shop hits the spot. But for those lovers of shopping, be warned – prices really vary, from a few Euros for a book or nick-nack, to hundreds (and upwards!) for a piece of furniture. However this place is worth a visit even if only for a peek inside. You’ll find dozens of chairs, chandeliers and mirrors scattered about the place and crowds of art­work, costumes, movie props, furniture and everything in-between screams for atten­tion. The sight is bedazzling and confusing all at once. The setting is artistic and grandi­ose but with a hint of shabby chic, with peeling wall paint and electrical wires hanging from wall to wall. Tube lights line a staircase to the second floor overgrown with mirrors, as though visiting a carnival ‘Hall of Mirrors’. It all seems to work in the organised chaos of Fundusverkauf.
Fundusverkauf, Behrenstr. 14, S-Bahn Friedrichstr., 030 47 99 74 00, 7th July – 12th July, Open noon- 7 p.m.

Memory shop and cafe
A favourite vintage shop of Ky­lie Minogue’s, Memory does not disappoint! Situated along Schwedter Straβe, this little shop is small in size but filled to the brim like an Aladdin’s’ cave with vintage treasures. Pieces vary from the 1950s to 1970s, and prices are reasonable; it’s well worth a look!

Shopping in Friedrichshain
It’s a sizzling summer’s day in Berlin and you want to while away the hours with a bit of vintage shopping; but where to go? Here’s an idea: Friedrichshain. Previously an area full of student digs, Frie­drichshain has morphed in re­cent years into a little honey pot of development, with many shops opening every year. To­day, the area is bustling with trendy young families drawn to the unique boutiques, yet Friedrichshain still retains its former alternative-niche vibe; and gladly so!… It’s the perfect place to find something differ­ent.

If that sounds like just what the doctor ordered, hop on the M10 from Landsberger Allee/Peterburger Straße to Straß­mannstraße or take a quick walk down to Petersburger Straße and you’ll find ‘SOUL­FOOd’. Outside, the little shop is cocooned in a shell of bam­boo reed, and clothes, shoes and books sit mismatched in weaved wicker baskets and on rickety tables. Don’t let the outside fool you, though, this is a hidden gem! Stepping inside, friendly shop owner Sabine greats her customers with the offer of tea.Two love-worn so­fas sit at the back of the shop where Sabine sits with friends casually chatting and sipping tea. Stocked with cheap and cheerful first and second-hand clothes, accessories, shoes and bit and bobs, a quick rummage is really worthwhile. What’s more, there’s a really relaxed hippie-come-reggae vibe per­fect for soothing the soul and easing you into the day ahead. The tea doesn’t hurt either…

Once you’ve got your creativ­ity flowing, head down on the M10 to Frankfurter Tor and you’ll find ‘Humana’; a vast four story ethical second hand and vintage shop stocking clothes for men, women and children, plus textiles, furni­ture, toys.On the fourth floor, you’ll find a specialised selec­tion of 60s, 70s and 80s vintage clothing. Shopping here does require quite a rummage, but for those with time on their hands it is perfect for finding something thrifty and unique. What’s more, ‘Humana’ uses its profits in the fight against poverty, HIV and AIDS..

You’re next stop should be Kopernikusstraße /Wüh­lischstraße Straße just off Petersburger Straße, where you’ll come to the heart of the on-going development of Friedrichshain. Take a wan­der down the street and you’ll find a chilled atmosphere and quaint boutiques in full bloom. In fact, the only time the mean­dering street rouses anything louder than a whisper or two is when a bustle of traffic or young children sails through it from time to time. Once you’ve passed ‘Pony Club’, a unisex hip beauty parlour, it’s time for a well-earned rest.

By now, an afternoon spent shopping with the boiling Ber­lin sun cascading on you all day could be getting too much, but do not fear, everywhere you turn on Wühlischstraße Straße you see a cafe or restaurant. For those with a sweet tooth crav­ing a sugary pick-me-up mid-afternoon, ‘Bio-Eis’ and ‘Olivia’ fit the bill. ‘Bio-Eis’ sells organic and vegan and ice-cream and ‘Olivia’ sells chocolate to eat and chocolate gifts perfect for loved ones. For those crav­ing something savoury, do not fear: there’s a wide selection of cafes and restaurants dotted right around the area.. Or for those just wanting a sit-down in the shade, a small leafy seat­ing area floats like an island in the midst of the street, perfect for people watching.

Once you’ve restored your en­ergy levels, take a peek in ‘Trash Schick’; a shop jam-packed with affordable men and wom­en’s vintage clothes, accesso­ries and records layered in col­ourful strips around the shop. The cool vibe matches the ar­tistic wind that drifts from shop to shop on this little street. The stripped wooden floor echoes as shoes tip tap during a rum­mage for treasures – and it is well worth it, too.

Text: Bethany Wright

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