March 2010

Edinburgh is a literary delight

It is elementary, my dear visitors: Edinburgh has been the Inspiration for many brilliant and subsequently famous writers over the centuries, whose literary legacies in turn continue to inspire modern writers to this day. You may be familiar with the work of one such author who grew up here: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of […]

Day trips out of Berlin

When you just need some time out from the hustle and bustle of crazy city life, hop on a train and see what the end of the line holds. From castles to beaches and even film studios, Berlin’s surroundings are just as fun as the inner city. Potsdam, S-Bahn: 7. Potsdam Hauptbahnhof for regional trains. […]

Contemporary art at Berlin Auguststrasse

Auguststrasse: If you are in the mood for checking out some of the more contemporary art that the city has to offer, make your way to Auguststraße. The street is a hive of galleries, from visual to photographic arts. Start at one end and work your way down, with your eyes watching both sides of […]

The Cold War and the DDR

Once the dust had settled after WWII, Berlin’s troubles weren’t over by a long shot. Berlin was divided, like the country, into four ‘occupation zones’ (US, British, French and Russian), which swiftly morphed into two countries, the capitalist BRD in the west, and the communist DDR in the east. It was the latter which provided […]

Double life of Deacon Brodie

Respected tradesman by day; daring thief by night. This is the life that William Brodie led in the 16th century. Better known as Deacon Brodie, a man of power and honourability, William was a father, husband, locksmith and politician. He was a trusted pillar of the community in Edinburgh during his life from 1741 to […]

Fighting faith – St. Giles Cathedral Edinburgh

If you are looking to find a bit of the Scottish fervor, visit the memorial to the fiery Jenny Geddes at St. Giles Cathedral. Originally called St. Giles Kirk, this is the sight of many of the Scots’ religious and political movements. During the union of England and Scotland under Charles I, the king tried […]

Edinburgh Body Snatching

The 19th Century opened with a new and unsettling branch of buying and selling. Science had become a viable field of study, and many scholars were eager to delve into the mysteries of the human body. However, they faced the restrictions of strict laws that forbid the use of cadavers, except in special cases. Frustrated, […]

The Really Terrible Orchestra of Edinburgh

When really bad turns out to be really good – and successful. The Really Terrible Orchestra of Edinburgh is the last refuge for hopeless musicians. With some last shrieks and awkward noises the pie­ce which is supposed to be Scott Joplin’s “The En­tertainer” fades out. Were the American composer around tonight, he probably wouldn’t be […]

Tartan times in Edinburgh

The tradition of the clans and the wearing of the tartan are Scotland ‘s most enduring symbols. Traditional Scottish dress is in vogue, especially with young people. Scotland’s trademark, the tartan, is worn at weddings, funerals, Highland balls, at Rugby games and sometimes just for a pub night. In Edinburgh you can find Tartan almost […]

Sir Walter Scott’s land of brown heath and shaggy wood, land of mountain and the flood

Mainland of north England, a multitude of islands separated by the sea – this is Scotland. This country is open, uninhabited and one of the last wildernesses in Europe. Remarkable to be full of contrasts, dominated by its landscape and its weather Scotland is a good mix of old and new. After some three hundred […]


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