February 2010

A myriad of worlds: The Berlin museums

Berlin boasts a mind-blowing plethora of no less than 176 museums, establishing the city’s incontestable status as historical and cultural hotspot of modern day Germany. Whether you plan to explore ancient archaeological arts, broaden your knowledge on German Expressionism, or intensify your dedication for American punk rock bands, Berlin offers an adequate museum for almost […]

Jewish History of Berlin

The history of the Jewish community is plagued by episodic persecution, Jews often being used as a scapegoat for economic and social woes. By 1295 Jewish people in Berlin were barred from many professions and effectively forbidden to become members of the artisan guilds. Throughout the 14th to 16th centuries Jews were expelled from Berlin […]

The lifes of Robert Bruce and Robert the Bruce

Robert Bruce – Clergyman of Edinburgh. You want to learn a little bit more about Edinburgh history? Then follow this brief introduction to one of Edinburgh’s most important clergymen: Robert Bruce! He should not be confused with Robert the Bruce we all know from Braveheart with Mel Gibson…The Robert Bruce we are talking about was […]

John Law – Forgotten Son of Edinburgh

Economist John Law became the richest man in the world – but died a pauper. Edinburgh usually celebrates its most eminent sons and daughters. Economist Adam Smith, for example, has a statue erected in his honour on Royal Mile and his face on the Scottish 20 pound note. For some reason they seem to have […]

Edinburgh Pub crawl

In general, it seems that a Scotsman somehow feels the need to get drunk pretty fast and early. This is due to the fact that pubs mainly close pretty early, which means around 1 am. Consequently, pubs are already full and crowded around 7 pm. While wandering through the crowded streets full of bag-carrying customers […]

The Film Festival in Edinburgh

Generally, when a cinema is tagged as the favourite in the whole world by no less a figure than Quentin Tarantino, it is time for the owner to pop the corks, as he should be set for life. However, the cinema in question is not the most profitable Art House venue in Edinburgh. With the […]

On the dancefloor in Edinburgh

You’re in for a wild and varied mix if you choose to chew the Bubblegum on Saturdays. Since the The Hive tries to appeal to as many people as possible, you’re likely to meet both heavily made-up girls in short skirts and high heels and more alternative-styled folks. An open-minded attitude is therefore necessary. You […]

The Forest cafe in Edinburgh

My old wooden table is decorated with a beer bottle which serves as a vase for a yellow rose. While using the free WiFi I observe this girl sitting near me. She is getting a red cat out of her huge bag and starts to put colourful ribbons around the animal’s neck. The cat, feeling […]

Scottish whisky: Let´s have a dram!

You have never drunk whisky? What would be a visit to Scotland without having tasted a nice glass of whisky? Well, you probably know Jack Daniel’s mixed with Coke, but guys, this is not what we are talking about here! True whisky is produced where men wear kilts, where cows are hairy and sheep’s innards […]

Fish and chips, Haggis and Pies in Edinburgh

Fish and chips: Fish and chips is a popular take-away food in Scotland therefore you definitely have to try it once. It consists of deep-fried fish (traditionally cod, haddock or flounder) in batter or bread crumbs with deep-fried chipped potatoes. Scottish dessert: It seems that Scottish people have a sweet tooth because there are a […]


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