January 2010

Eating and drinking in the land of the brave

Scotland’s cuisine is not really known as a gourmet’s cuisine. Due to limited sunshine and a lot of wind and rain during the year there is not a wide range of native products growing naturally in Scotland. Root crops such as carrots or potatoes are plentiful whereas fruits and other types of vegetables are largely […]

Friedrichshain or Savignyplatz for Emerging Designers

Down the graffiti-laden alleyways of Friedrichshain, you will find streetware shops, urban brands and all kinds of unusual inner-city stores with unconventional merchandise. In a corresponding light, the more aristocratic suburb of Savignyplatz is rising up as a classy new hub for rare and valuable antique stores, as well as refined, avant-garde fashion. These two […]

Hitting the Tarmac- Running In Berlin

To soak up the essence of Berlin in a swift snapshot, strap on your running shoes and hit the ground. Watch out for the trams and the glaring Ampelman, and Berlin may reveal itself in charming and unexpected ways. The body will get the chance to refresh and test itself against all the late-night partying […]

The Sansoucci Park in Potsdam

Citytravelreview/Curso24 in Potsdam: Potsdam is a breathtakingly picturesque city that lies only twenty minutes outside of the capital. With a small amount of money to pay for a cheap train fare, Potsdam can be easily enjoyed as a fairytale-like daylong excursion away from the bustle and commotion of central Berlin. The Sansoucci Park is where […]

Berlin graffiti – Kunsthaus Tacheles

After the fall of Berlin Wall, Kunsthaus Tacheles expressed the fusion of both East and West. Originally squatted by group, intending to stop this building from being demolished; it soon formed into active and acclaimed artistic playground. Filled with art, and known as Tacheles, named after a Yiddish word which represents honesty, hard work and […]

Baumhaus an der Mauer – The Treehouse

You could call it a treehouse. Though its a treehouse with a longer story than most. It starts with Osman Kalin, one of many Turkish emigrants, who has left the Kreuzberg area of Berlin known as Little Istanbul. From Mr Kalin’s apartment, he saw a piece of unused land. This land, was left by the […]

Dean Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art

To move on with this impressive day, a visit to the Dean Gallery or the Gallery of Modern Art right next to it would be appropriate. Despite the Galleries themselves, which are on Belford Road, the walk to get there is pretty amazing, too. First of all you get a pretty good impression of Edinburgh´s […]

The birthplace of Harry Potter

Regardless of any age, you surely have heard of J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter“. If you go down Southbridge it is hard to miss the red building to your left, called: “The Elephant House“, which is the place where Rowling got inspired to write her stories about young Wizards attending school in an […]

From Edinburgh Castle to Greyfriar Bobby´s Grave

As you are already next to the Church it is worth paying attention to it and to go in for a few minutes and – hopefully on a sunny day – to watch the reflections of the imressive stained glass windows.However, the most important information about the Royal Mile is that it connects the Edinburgh […]

The Royal Mile of Edinburgh

A visit to Edinburgh – inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995 – would not be complete if you have not actively visited, experienced and absorbed the treasure – chest of historic gems with all your senses that are at your disposal: the Royal Mile. The most typical touristy area of Edinburgh. […]


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