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  • 25.Aug
  • Becoming a Berliner
  • It’s been one heck of a whirlwind. We’ve experienced the city’s hedonistic nightspots, seen the historic sights and explored its plentiful green spaces. Unlike many tourists passing through, however, we’ve also had time to fully process and embrace its idiosyncratic atmosphere – and to chisel our thoughts about what makes it so great. This blog […]

  • 10.Aug
  • Patchwork Berlin
  • The fabric of Berlin is woven from threads of the past and the present. A city with a volatile search history, Berlin is a cultural nexus of politically charged street art, multicultural neighborhoods and the shadow of past regimes. „Here in Berlin, one can not help being aware did you are the hub around Which […]

  • Edinburgh

  • 03.Jan
  • Edinburgh Spotting
  • Choose your destination. Choose your flight. Choose an effing big suitcase. Choose a bed to rest your weary head on, and be just as tired in the morning. Choose square sausages, bacon rashers, potato scones, baked beans and how you like your eggs. Choose your daily itinerary. Choose your museums, galleries and cafés. Choose your […]

  • Berlin

  • 03.Jan
  • DOs and DO NOTs
  • DO watch out for oldschool bikes screaming down the streets at 70km an hour. They do not stop for pedestrians and seem to relish in your fear, so it’s up to you to avoid a collision. DO be prepared when purchasing goods at Lidl or other discount supermarkets. The cashiers move at an unearthly speed […]

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Unsere Ziele sind die Verbesserung der journalistischen Fachkenntnisse, der Sprachkenntnisse und der interkulturellen Kompetenz der Teilnehmer. Seminare und Workshops mit Journalisten, Projektmanagern und Lehrern führen zum Ziel! Zum Abschluss eines Projektes gibt es mit einem Stadtmagazin ein Ergebnis auf das die Teilnehmer stolz sein können. Die Ausgaben des Magazins werden im Internet, in Hostels und Sprachschulen kostenlos veröffentlicht. Die Teilnehmer bekommen ein Zeugnis und verwenden das Magazin als Arbeitsprobe.
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  • Sara M. Jacobo: 30;] travel guide, Hallo, Berlin! is ready for download for only 99p! It is the product a...
  • Sara: Berlin
  • plasterer bristol: Can’t beat this recipe, sounds delicious. thanks for sharing. Simon
  • EdinburghBerlin: to start late and finish later than you normally would. Partying is for everyone in this “poor but...


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